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    Aerospace Fasteners

    & Electronic Hardware

    Online Support? : +91 951 339 339 9

    Titanium Fasteners1Titanium bolts, Titanium Bolts and Nuts, Titanium Metric fasteners, Titanium Bolts and Nuts Suppliers, Titanium fasteners Suppliers, Titanium Fasteners India.,Titanium Fasteners Distributor, Titanium Fasteners Manufacturers

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    Titanium Fasteners

    Pure Titanium, Ti 6Al-4V and Ti 6Al-4V ELI, Ti-Pd, and TiCode 12 are the most common titanium alloys used in industry.?

    Titanium alloys is a blend of properties of steel and aluminum and are used in such varied applications as satellites, airplanes, cryogenic storage vessels, seawater pumps, pulp and paper production, yachts, jewelry, eyeglass frames, golf clubs, high current superconductors, off-shore drilling equipment, dental implants, and hip and knee replacements.

    • Pure Titanium (Grades 1-4)
    • Ti 6Al-4V (Grade 5) & Ti 6Al-4V ELI (Grade 23)
    • Ti – Pd (Grade 7)
    • Ti Grade 12

    SFI are world class supplier of specialty alloy fasteners, precision components, fittings and mill products made out of the highest quality specialty metals. We provide products made to industry standards or to exact customer specifications.

    Products are available in the following Specialty Alloys:

    • Titanium and Titanium Alloys (CP-Ti, Ti 6Al-4V, Ti 6Al-4V ELI, Ti-Pd Gr 7, Ti Gr 12)
    • Zirconium
    • Cobalt Alloys
    • Nickel Alloys
    • Specialty?Stainless
    • Tantalum
    • Nitronic

    SFI offer very competitive prices worldwide, hand in hand with sensible on-time deliveries.

    Our fastener range includes all hexagon and socket type fasteners, stud and washers.

    Size Range: M3 (1/8") to M36 (1 1/2") diameters machined from stock bar.

    All our Titanium fasteners come complete with full test certification.

    For more details on the supply of Titanium Fasteners, please call SFI sales team today!

    SFI supports in a wide range of standard and exotic materials like.

    • 32760
    • 31803
    • 254SMO
    • 660A,B,C & D
    • A4-70
    • A4-80
    • B8 Class 2
    • B8M Class 2
    • Inc 625
    • Inc 718
    • A-400
    • K500
    • C22
    • C276
    • Titanium 2, 5
    • C655
    NAS1003 - NAS1008 NAS2832 - NAS2838
    NAS1096 NAS2842 - NAS2848
    NAS1100 - NAS1102 NAS428
    NAS1103 - NAS1108 NAS464
    NAS1131 - NAS1138 NAS5310 - NAS5321
    NAS1141 - NAS1148 NAS653 - NAS655
    NAS1161 - NAS1168 NAS673 - NAS675
    NAS1181 - NAS1188 NAS624 - NAS626
    NAS1189 - NAS1191 NAS6303 - NAS6312
    NAS1003 - NAS1008 NAS2832 - NAS2838
    NAS1096 NAS2842 - NAS2848
    NAS1100 - NAS1102 NAS428
    NAS1103 - NAS1108 NAS464
    NAS1131 - NAS1138 NAS5310 - NAS5321
    NAS1141 - NAS1148 NAS653 - NAS655
    NAS1161 - NAS1168 NAS673 - NAS675
    NAS1181 - NAS1188 NAS624 - NAS626
    NAS1189 - NAS1191 NAS6303 - NAS6312
    NAS1218 NAS6403 - NAS6412
    NAS1221 NAS6603 - NAS6612
    NAS1223 - NAS1228 NAS6703 - NAS6712
    NAS1578 NAS7103 - NAS7108
    NAS1580 NAS7203 - NAS7208
    NAS7103 - NAS7108 NAS7303 - NAS7305
    NAS1581 NAS7400 - NAS7408
    NAS1620 - NAS1628 NAS7500 - NAS7508
    NAS1630 - NAS1634 NAS7600 - NAS7605
    NAS1741 NAS7700 - NAS7706
    NAS1742 NAS7800 - NAS7806
    NAS1743 NAS7900 - NAS7905
    NAS1790 NAS8000 - NAS8006
    NAS1801 NAS8100 - NAS8106
    NAS1802 NAS8200 - NAS8206
    NAS1953 - NAS1958 NAS8302 - NAS8304
    NAS1972 - NAS1978 NAS8402 - NAS8404
    NAS1992 - NAS1998 NAS8602 - NAS8608
    NAS2803 - NAS2808 NAS8702U - NAS8708U
    AS3099 - AS3100
    AS3236 - AS3238
    AS3244 - AS3245
    AS3250 - AS3251
    AS3414 - AS3416
    AS3418 - AS3420
    AS3530 - AS3531
    AN173C - AN176C
    AN3C - AN6C
    MS14181-03 - MS14181-12
    MS21250-02 - MS21250-12
    MS21277 - MS21282
    MS21286 - MS21291
    MS9033 - MS9036
    MS9060 - MS9063
    MS9088 - MS9091
    MS9110 - MS9113
    MS9146 - MS9149
    MS9157 - MS9160
    MS9169 - MS9172
    MS9177 - MS9178
    MS9206 - MS9211
    MS9215 - MS9220
    MS9488 - MS9494
    MS9500 - MS9505
    MS9554 - MS9559
    MS9563 - MS9568
    MS9572 - MS9577
    MS9912 - MS9917
    MS9921 - MS9926
    MS9930 - MS9935
    MS9939 - MS9944

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