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    Thread ring gauge, Thread gauges Go-No Go, Thread gauge, Thread plug gauge standard, Thread plug gauge tolarances, Thread plug gauge types.

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    Thread Plug Gauges and Dies

    We offers an extensive inventory of standard thread gages, titanium nitride (TiN) coated gages, plain cylindrical gages

    We offer and supply a wide range of threaded plug and ring gauges and caliper gauges. Our range includes Metric Coarse and Fine, UNC, UNF, BSF, BSW, BA and BSP, together with Taper Gauges NPT, NPTF and BSPT. Many of these gauges are readily available from our comprehensive stock. We also manufacture and supply plain plug and ring gauges, both parallel and taper to British and International Standards. Ask us for:

    • HSS Titanium Nitride Coated Thread Plugs (Inch & Metric)
    • Taperlock Thread Plugs (Inch & Metric)
    • Reversible Thread Plugs (Inch & Metric)
    • Left Hand Plugs and Rings
    • Helical Coil (STI) Thread Plugs (regular steel & TiN coated)
    • Adjustable Thread Rings (Inch & Metric)
    • Truncated Thread Setting Plugs (Inch & Metric)
    • 8, 12, & 16 Pitch Thread Plugs and Rings
    • Taper Pipe Plugs and Rings
    • Straight Pipe Plugs and Rings
    • British Parallel Pipe Plugs and Rings
    • British Taper Pipe Plugs and Rings


    Thread Gauges – Plug, ring and caliper:

    ? ISO Metric

    ? Unified

    ? BSW and BSF

    ? Whitworth

    ? BA

    ? G Series

    ? R/Rc

    ? NPT/NPTF

    ? Gauges for tapped holes of wire thread inserts

    ? Other thread forms and specifications including ACME,

    ? buttress and “J” profile.

    TiN Coating Increases Tool Life Thread Gages up to 10 Times

    Titanium Nitride (TiN) is a general-purpose coating that has been long recognized for its corrosion resistance and increased tool life. Its hardness is equivalent to approximately 85RC – harder than chrome or carbide material. When it is used to coat thread gages, tool life is increased up to 10 times.

    TiN Coated Gages provide a visual check for gage wear. Because TiN coating has a metallic gold appearance, it enables the user to visually check for gage wear. As the gage wears, the TiN coating starts to lose its luster. When this occurs, the gage may still be in tolerance, but it will likely need calibration soon.

    Thread Plugs 1 mm to 400 mm
    Thread Rings 1 mm to 360 mm
    1 mm to 360 mm 1/16 inch to 10 inch (Taper 1:16)
    Taper Thread Rings 1/16 inch to 8 inch (Taper 1:16)
    Nominal Diameter MetricPitchTolerance class Thread plugTolerance class Thread ring
    M1 0.25 mm 5H 6h
    M1.1 0.25 mm 5H 6h
    M1.2 0.25 mm 5H 6h
    M1.4 0.25 mm 5H 6h
    UNIFIED ? ? ?
    1.00 UNM 0.25 mm - -
    1.20 UNM 0.25 mm - -
    No.0 (0.060")UNF 80 TPI 2B 2A
    Note: Below 1 mm on request ? ? ?

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