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            Guangzhou Construction Industry Association Introduction

            廣州市建筑業聯合會是經政府批準建立的社會團體組織。在廣州地區,大部份從事土木工程建筑、市政路橋、線路、管道、設備安裝、建筑裝飾、工程勘測設計的 單位或企業;工程質量安全監督、工程監理、工程總承包、建筑材料生產、經營;以及以建筑為對象的科研、大中專院校都是本會的團體會員。

            廣州市建筑業聯合會的宗旨是以國家改革開放方針為指導,以經濟建設為中心,在建設社會主義的市場經濟體制中,促進會員單位深化改革、轉換機制、提高效 益,為把建筑業建成國民經濟的支柱產業發揮積極作用。 廣州市建筑業聯合會的基本任務是:研究探討我國建筑業改革和發展的方向、理論、方針與政策;協助建筑業主管部門制定和實施行業發展規劃和行業法規;引導和推動企業面向市場,開拓經營、發展橫向經濟聯合,推進行業的經濟技術合作與進步,不斷提高工程質量、經營管理水平和企業競爭能力;協助企業培訓技術人才和管理人才,提高企業素質;組織國內外 信息交流和推廣先進經驗,開展咨詢服務,編輯、傳播行業信息、文獻、資料;發展兄弟省市 同行及海外民間社團組織的聯系,開展經濟技術、經營管理等方面的合作與交流;組織發展行業公益事業,維護會員單位的合法權益。


            Guangzhou Construction Industry Association Introduction

            Guangzhou Construction Industry Association is a State-ap proved social organization, participated by various enterprises and institutions engaged in civil engineering, installation & maintenance of equipments, pros pect, design, roads & bridges, quality and security control of engineering, projec t management, engineering contract group, production & management of building materials, and construction universities.

            The aims of Guangzhou Construction Industry Association are pursuing the general guideline of reform and open policy, the Association will concentrate on economic development. It will help its member enterprise s and institutions to be market-oriented through deepdeepening their reform and transferring their operational mechanism, provide service for the construction industry and try hard to make the construction industry to be one of the maj or industry of national economy.

            The main tasks of Guangzhou Construction Industry Association are to do research work on the orientation, theory and policy of the reform and development of the construction industry, to assist the competent authorities in formulating and implementing development progra m and relevant regulations concerning the construction industry, to direct the enterprises to be market-oriented by transferring their operational mechanis m and to expand economic & technological cooperations among the industry, to help the enterprises to improve their operations, management, performance and competition abilities, to assist the enterprises in training technicians and managers, to arrange for exchanges of information and good experiences both at home and abroad and to provide consultations and relevant decumentat ions, to explore relations with brother cities and foreign non-governmental organizations with the purpose to develop mutual exchanges and cooperations in the area of technology and management, to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the industry.

            Guangzhou Construction Industry Association is a group member of China Construction Industry Association. The highest organ of power of the Guangzhou Construction Industry Association is representative conference. The Association set up some other specialized committees and it has a perman ent office-secretariat, which is responsible for the routine work of the Association.