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    Aerospace Fasteners

    & Electronic Hardware

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    Keensert Inserts

    Standard Keensert

    • Used in applications which require a strong, permanent metal thread in soft materials such as aluminum.
    • Typically used in applications such as; aluminium gear box, aluminum frame, armunition (tank), door frames on trains made from aluminium.

    Locking Keensert

    • Used in applications which require a locking torque for the screw.
    • Typically used in applications that are prone to certain levels of vibration which request additional safety.

    Stud Keensert

    • Typically used in applications for aerospace and military.

    Blind Keensert

    • Used in applications which require isolation of the screw from other assembly elements of the application. Will ensure that dust and other foreign objects will not contaminate the assembly part.

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