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    Recoil Wire Thread Inserts

    Recoil Insert Installation

    Recoil Wire Thread Inserts & Strip feed inserts

    The Recoil helically wound screw-thread inserts are generally manufactured from Type 304 (18-8) stainless steel wire cold rolled into a diamond shaped cross section. Recoil inserts can be supplied in other materials such as Inconel, Nimonic 90, Phosphor Bronze and Type 316 stainless steel.

    Recoil inserts are available in either standard free running form or screw lock type which provides an internal locking feature. Inserts are manufactured for every thread form including UNC, UNF, BSC, BSW, BSP, BSF, BA, NPT and ISO Metric thread sizes.

    Recoil strip feed inserts provide many advantages such as:

    Minimized handling costs Faster, more economical assembly Positive inventory control

    Insert Material

    Recoil inserts are generally manufactured from Type 304 stainless steel (18-8), however inserts are available in a range of materials for special applications.

    Stainless Steel Grade 304 (AS7254)

    Austenitic Corrosion Resistant Steel. For normal applications up to 425°C (800°F)

    Stainless Steel Grade 316 (AISI 316)

    Austenitic Corrosion Resistant Steel. For Marine applications up to 425°C (800°F)

    Inconel X - 750 (AS7246)

    Nickel Alloy. For high temperature applications 425°C - 550°C (800°F - 1000°F) or where low permeability Is required.

    Phosphor Bronze (DIN 17677 or BS2783PB 102) (300°C).

    For electrical bonding joints or low permeability

    Nimonic 90 (HR 503)

    For high temperature applications. (650°C)

    Special purpose

    Materials such as Inconel 625 and Spring Steel Grade are also available to special order


    There are two basic types of Recoil inserts available:

    Free running inserts which provide a standard female thread

    Locking inserts which provide a locking function for the female thread when the fastener is installed.

    Recoil? Thread Repair Kits

    Recoil Kits contain a HSS tap, installation tools, precision stainless steel inserts and instructions in a sturdy reusable container.

    Recoil has a full range of problem solving repair kits available in single or multiple size format. Recoil's innovative and cost effective thread repair kits are utilized world wide in industrial and automotive maintenance situations.

    Each kit contains:

    • Quality high speed steel (HSS) ground thread intermediate (plug or 2nd) tap
    • Quantity of inserts
    • Installation / Tang break tool
    • Easy to follow instructions
    • Sturdy reusable container
    • Recommended drill size on the label
    • Spark plug kits have pilot nose taps for accurate self alignment eliminating the need for drilling.

    Recoil? Hand Installation Tools

    Recoil Tools

    The hand installation tooling range includes the manual installation tool, the semi production "Prewinder" type in slotted and threaded mandrel type as well as manual and spring operated tang break off tools.

    Manual Tool

    The standard Recoil insert installation tool is the most practical and simple to use for general applications. This tool may be used to install 1D through to 3D length inserts but care must be taken to ensure that the adjustable collar is correctly set to suit the particular type and length of the Recoil insert. If the collar is incorrectly set, the insert will not drive properly and the tool may slip off the tang as the insert enters the hole. For general use, the collar should be adjusted such that the insert tang is positioned mid-way along the slot with the insert coils compressed. This will allow the insert free movement to suit the parent material thread pitch during installation. If the installation tool is used to break off the tang, then it must be lifted clear of the insert following installation and replaced into the insert at 90 degrees to its drive position. This ensures that the tool is correctly placed on the insert tang. Tap the tool sharply downward to produce a clean tang break.

    Note: The manual installation tool is not recommended for the installation of locking inserts.

    Note: Recoil manual tools are not recommended for use with other brands of wire thread inserts.

    Semi Production "Prewinder" Type Installation Tool

    This type of tool is ideal for installing inserts in small production runs or in areas where compressed air or electricity are not available and offers a quicker alternative to the simple hand installation tool. The tool is suitable for use when installing free running and locking inserts.

    Slotted Mandrel Type

    The slotted mandrel tool allows the rapid installation of inserts, however it is best suited to free running inserts. This tool eliminates the need to wind the mandrel into and out of the insert offering quicker installation cycles.

    Threaded Mandrel Type

    The threaded mandrel type is suitable for the installation of free running and locking inserts. The mandrel is wound into the insert which is then wound into the tapped hole. The mandrel is removed by turning the crank in a counter clockwise direction, leaving the insert in place.

    Note: The threaded mandrel type installation tool is recommended for installing locking inserts.

    Recoil Tang Break Off Tools

    Tang breakoff tools are available in hand, semi automatic spring type and pneumatic. The Spring Loaded and Pneumatic tang break tools are recommended for removal of tangs in production applications. For large diameter fine thread inserts, ie M18-1.5 and above, 3/4-16 and above, the use of long nose pliers is an alternative method to break the tang.

    Recoil? Power Installation Tools

    The Recoil range of power tooling ensures consistent high volume thread insert installation for a variety of applications. Recoil powered installation tools may be supplied for use with either a compressed air supply or via a stabilized low voltage power supply to suit your particular requirements. Both equipment types offer significant productivity gains for high volume insert use.

    Pneumatic Power Tooling

    Wide thread size range #2-56 through 3/4",or M2.5 through M16, coarse and fine.

    Rugged and versatile air motor.

    May be used with captive strip feed or bulk insert insertion.

    Standard speed 1500 rpm.

    Auto reverse on release of trigger.

    The complete pneumatic insert installation tool comprises of 3 components:-

    1 Air motor with single lever control to install and retract.

    2 Adaptor - connect the motor to the insert drive nozzle - small and large types.

    3 Front end assembly nozzle to suit the particular insert thread size

    Electric Power Tooling

    Size range #2-56 through 1/4",M2.5 through M8, auto reverse on installation clean, Lightweight and Quite suitable for bulk insert only.

    Recoil offer two different types of air motors, the 56010 series and the NR-HL series. For further details please contact us.

    Spring Loaded Tang Break Tool

    Spring loaded Tang Break tools offer effective removals of insert tangs and are suited from medium to large insert usage. Being spring loaded, this tool requires no external power source and is suitable for tang removal on insert sizes upto 1/2" or M12. This tool is a spring loaded punch and when the tool is pushed down, the pin punches downward breaking off the tang.

    Pneumatic Tang Break Tool

    The Pneumatic Tang Break tool is designed for high volume applications where rapid, effortless tang removal is required on insert sizes 3/4" or M20. This tool works on the same basis as the spring loaded tool, except pin punches downward when an arc cylinder is actuated by the valve.

    Recoil? STI Steel Taps

    Recoil taps differ from standard taps dimensionally and only Recoil Screw Thread Insert (STI) Taps are suitable for use with Recoil Wire Thread Inserts.

    Recoil taps are manufactured to precise standards from either High Speed Steel (HSS) or (HSS-E) with ground threads and are available with taper, intermediate and bottoming leads.

    They have a larger diameter, but the same pitch as a standard tap in order to accommodate the wire insert. Spiral point and spiral flute machine taps are also available for volume production purposes.

    For all sparkplug applications, pilot nose taps are recommended and are available for common metric thread sizes. The Recoil thread insert when installed into a correctly tapped hole will provide the applicable internal thread tolerance for the installed bolt.

    Note: Tapped hole size can be significantly affected by variations in drill size, parent material, or lubricant so in close tolerance applications some testing for an optimum combination is recommended.

    Thread Class

    Unified Thread Class

    In the unified thread system, the minimum pitch diameter for a 2B hole (medium fit) or 3B hole (close fit) are the same, while the maximum pitch diameter is greater on the 2B hole (medium fit). Recoil taps for unified threads are made to a 3B hole (close fit) tolerance.

    Metric Thread Class

    In the metric thread system the minimum pitch diameter for a 5H hole (medium fit) or 4H5H hole (close fit) are the same, while the maximum pitch diameter is greater on the 5H hole (medium fit). Recoil taps for metric threads are made to 4H5H hole (close fit) tolerance.

    Tap Type and Applications

    The most commonly used type of Recoil taps are defined together with their typical applications. The Taper, Intermediate and Bottoming are short machine taps (suitable for hand tapping), while the Spiral Point and Spiral Flute are used in production applications.

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    Recoil STI Go No Go Gauges

    Recoil Thread Gauges

    Thread gauging is recommended wherever precision threads are required. The quality of the tapped hole which accommodates the insert, determines the finished size and hole quality after the insert has been installed. If the finished tapped hole gauges satisfactorily, the installed insert will be within the thread tolerance.

    Technical Information

    Recoil gauges 1/2" M12 and below have at least a .0002" or 5mm wear allowance on the Go nib. Gauge handle and all gauge nibs are marked with the extreme product limits for particular size and class of fit. Where precision is required, 3B gauges should be used. When using locking inserts, 3B gauges should be used as close precision is required.

    Fits and Tolerances

    Recoil gauges are supplied for two different classes of fit (tolerances). These are close and medium tolerance. Gauges are used to check the pitch diameter of the tapped hole, the No Go end of the gauge checks the pitch diameter is not too large and the Go end checks the pitch diameter is not too small.

    Locking Insert

    Non-Locking Insert

    Locking Insert

    Non-Locking Insert

    Tanged: Locking Bulk

    TangedHeli-Coil No.Recoil No.
    Locking Insert No.MS / MA No.
    Unified Coarse
    TLC-02C-0086 MS21209C0210 3585-02CN086 13522
    TLC-02C-0129 MS21209C0215 3585-02CN129 13523
    TLC-02C-0172 MS21209C0220 3585-02CN172 13524
    TLC-02C-0215 MS21209C0225 3585-02CN215 13525
    TLC-02C-0258 MS21209C0230 3585-02CN258 13526
    TLC-03C-0099 MS21209C0310 3585-03CN099 13532
    TLC-03C-0148 MS21209C0315 3585-03CN148 13533
    TLC-03C-0198 MS21209C0320 3585-03CN198 13534
    TLC-03C-0248 MS21209C0325 3585-03CN248 13535
    TLC-03C-0297 MS21209C0330 3585-03CN297 13536
    TLC-04C-0112 MS21209C0410 3585-04CN112 13542
    TLC-04C-0168 MS21209C0415 3585-04CN168 13543
    TLC-04C-0224 MS21209C0420 3585-04CN224 13544
    TLC-04C-0280 MS21209C0425 3585-04CN280 13545
    TLC-04C-0336 MS21209C0430 3585-04CN336 13546
    TLC-05C-0125 MS21209C0510 3585-05CN125 13552
    TLC-05C-0188 MS21209C0515 3585-05CN188 13553
    TLC-05C-0250 MS21209C0520 3585-05CN250 13554
    TLC-05C-0312 MS21209C0525 3585-05CN312 13555
    TLC-05C-0375 MS21209C0530 3585-05CN375 13556
    TLC-06C-0138 MS21209C0610 3585-06CN138 13562
    TLC-06C-0207 MS21209C0615 3585-06CN207 13563
    TLC-06C-0276 MS21209C0620 3585-06CN276 13564
    TLC-06C-0345 MS21209C0625 3585-06CN345 13565
    TLC-06C-0414 MS21209C0630 3585-06CN414 13566
    TLC-2C-0164 MS21209C0810 3585-2CN164 13582
    TLC-2C-0246 MS21209C0815 3585-2CN246 13583
    TLC-2C-0328 MS21209C0820 3585-2CN328 13584
    TLC-2C-0410 MS21209C0825 3585-2CN410 13585
    TLC-2C-0492 MS21209C0830 3585-2CN492 13586
    TLC-3C-0190 MS21209C1-10 3585-3CN190 13602
    TLC-3C-0285 MS21209C1-15 3585-3CN285 13613
    TLC-3C-0380 MS21209C1-20 3585-3CN380 13604
    TLC-3C-0475 MS21209C1-25 3585-3CN475 13605
    TLC-3C-0570 MS21209C1-30 3585-3CN570 13606
    TLC-1C-0216 MS21209C2-10 3585-1CN216 13622
    TLC-1C-0324 MS21209C2-15 3585-1CN324 13623
    TLC-1C-0432 MS21209C2-20 3585-1CN432 13624
    TLC-1C-0540 MS21209C2-25 3585-1CN540 13625
    TLC-1C-0648 MS21209C2-30 3585-1CN648 13626
    TLC-4C-0250 MS21209C4-10 3585-4CN250 13042
    TLC-4C-0375 MS21209C4-15 3585-4CN375 13043
    TLC-4C-0500 MS21209C4-20 3585-4CN500 13044
    TLC-4C-0625 MS21209C4-25 3585-4CN625 13045
    TLC-4C-0750 MS21209C4-30 3585-4CN750 13046
    TLC-5C-0312 MS21209C5-10 3585-5CN312 13052
    TLC-5C-0469 MS21209C5-15 3585-5CN469 13053
    TLC-5C-0625 MS21209C5-20 3585-5CN625 13054
    TLC-5C-0781 MS21209C5-25 3585-5CN781 13055
    TLC-5C-0938 MS21209C5-30 3585-5CN938 13056
    TLC-6C-0375 MS21209C6-10 3585-6CN375 13062
    TLC-6C-0562 MS21209C6-15 3585-6CN562 13063
    TLC-6C-0750 MS21209C6-20 3585-6CN750 13064
    TLC-6C-0938 MS21209C6-25 3585-6CN938 13065
    TLC-6C-1125 MS21209C6-30 3585-6CN1125 13066
    TLC-7C-0438 MS21209C7-10 3585-7CN438 13072
    TLC-7C-0656 MS21209C7-15 3585-7CN656 13073
    TLC-7C-0875 MS21209C7-20 3585-7CN875 13074
    TLC-7C-1094 MS21209C7-25 3585-7CN1094 13075
    TLC-7C-1312 MS21209C7-30 3585-7CN1312 13076
    TLC-8C-0500 MS21209C8-10 3585-8CN500 13082
    TLC-8C-0750 MS21209C8-15 3585-8CN750 13083
    TLC-8C-1000 MS21209C8-20 3585-8CN1000 13084
    TLC-8C-1250 MS21209C8-25 3585-8CN1250 13085
    TLC-8C-1500 MS21209C8-30 3585-8CN1500 13086
    TLC-9C-0562 MS21209C9-10 3585-9CN562 13092
    TLC-9C-0844 MS21209C9-15 3585-9CN844 13093
    TLC-9C-1125 MS21209C9-20 3585-9CN1125 13094
    TLC-9C-1406 MS21209C9-25 3585-9CN1406 13095
    TLC-9C-1688 MS21209C9-30 3585-9CN1688 13096
    TLC-10C-0625 MS21209C1010 3585-10CN625 13102
    TLC-10C-0938 MS21209C1015 3585-10CN938 13113
    TLC-10C-1250 MS21209C1020 3585-10CN1250 13104
    TLC-10C-1562 MS21209C1025 3585-10CN1562 13105
    TLC-10C-1875 MS21209C1030 3585-10CN1875 13106
    TLC-12C-0750 MS21209C1210 3585-12CN750 13122
    TLC-12C-1125 MS21209C1215 3585-12CN1125 13123
    TLC-12C-1500 MS21209C1220 3585-12CN1500 13124
    TLC-12C-1875 MS21209C1225 3585-12CN1875 13125
    TLC-12C-2250 MS21209C1230 3585-12CN2250 13126
    TLC-14C-0875 MS21209C1410 3585-14CN875 13142
    TLC-14C-1312 MS21209C1415 3585-14CN1312 13143
    TLC-14C-1750 MS21209C1420 3585-14CN1750 13144
    TLC-14C-2188 MS21209C1425 3585-14CN2188 13145
    TLC-14C-2625 MS21209C1430 3585-14CN2625 13146
    TLC-16C-1000 MS21209C1610 3585-16CN1000 13162
    TLC-16C-1500 MS21209C1615 3585-16CN1500 13163
    TLC-16C-2000 MS21209C1620 3585-16CN2000 13164
    TLC-16C-2500 MS21209C1625 3585-16CN2500 13165
    TLC-16C-3000 MS21209C1630 3585-16CN3000 13166
    TLC-18C-1125 MS21209C1810 3585-18CN1125 13182
    TLC-18C-1688 MS21209C1815 3585-18CN1688 13183
    TLC-18C-2250 MS21209C1820 3585-18CN2250 13184
    TLC-18C-2812 MS21209C1825 3585-18CN2812 13185
    TLC-18C-3375 MS21209C1830 3585-18CN3375 13186
    TLC-20C-1250 MS21209C2010 3585-20CN1250 13202
    TLC-20C-1875 MS21209C2015 3585-20CN1875 13213
    TLC-20C-2500 MS21209C2020 3585-20CN2500 13204
    TLC-20C-3125 MS21209C2025 3585-20CN3125 13205
    TLC-20C-3750 MS21209C2030 3585-20CN3750 13206
    TLC-22C-1375 MS21209C2210 3585-22CN1375 13222
    TLC-22C-2062 MS21209C2215 3585-22CN2062 13223
    TLC-22C-2750 MS21209C2220 3585-22CN2750 13224
    TLC-22C-3438 MS21209C2225 3585-22CN3438 13225
    TLC-22C-4125 MS21209C2230 3585-22CN4125 13226
    TLC-24C-1500 MS21209C2410 3585-24CN1500 13242
    TLC-24C-2250 MS21209C2415 3585-24CN2250 13243
    TLC-24C-3000 MS21209C2420 3585-24CN3000 13244
    TLC-24C-3750 MS21209C2425 3585-24CN3750 13245
    TLC-24C-4500 MS21209C2430 3585-24CN4500 13246
    Unified Fine
    TLF-03C-0099 MS21209F0310 3591-03CN099 14532MS
    TLF-03C-0148 MS21209F0315 3591-03CN148 14533MS
    TLF-03C-0198 MS21209F0320 3591-03CN198 14534MS
    TLF-03C-0248 MS21209F0325 3591-03CN248 14535MS
    TLF-03C-0297 MS21209F0330 3591-03CN297 14536MS
    TLF-04C-0112 MS21209F0410 3591-04CN112 14542MS
    TLF-04C-0168 MS21209F0415 3591-04CN168 14543MS
    TLF-04C-0224 MS21209F0420 3591-04CN224 14544MS
    TLF-04C-0280 MS21209F0425 3591-04CN280 14545MS
    TLF-04C-0336 MS21209F0430 3591-04CN336 14546MS
    TLF-06C-0138 MS21209F0610 3591-06CN138 14562MS
    TLF-06C-0207 MS21209F0615 3591-06CN207 14563MS
    TLF-06C-0276 MS21209F0620 3591-06CN276 14564MS
    TLF-06C-0345 MS21209F0625 3591-06CN345 14565MS
    TLF-06C-0414 MS21209F0630 3591-06CN414 14566MS
    TLF-2C-0164 MS21209F0810 3591-2CN164 14582MS
    TLF-2C-0246 MS21209F0815 3591-2CN246 14583MS
    TLF-2C-0328 MS21209F0820 3591-2CN328 14584MS
    TLF-2C-0410 MS21209F0825 3591-2CN410 14585MS
    TLF-2C-0492 MS21209F0830 3591-2CN492 14586MS
    TLF-3C-0190 MS21209F1-10 3591-3CN190 14602MS
    TLF-3C-0285 MS21209F1-15 3591-3CN285 14603MS
    TLF-3C-0380 MS21209F1-20 3591-3CN380 14614MS
    TLF-3C-0475 MS21209F1-25 3591-3CN475 14605MS
    TLF-3C-0570 MS21209F1-30 3591-3CN570 14606MS
    TLF-4C-0250 MS21209F4-10 3591-4CN250 14142MS
    TLF-4C-0375 MS21209F4-15 3591-4CN375 14143MS
    TLF-4C-0500 MS21209F4-20 3591-4CN500 14144MS
    TLF-4C-0625 MS21209F4-25 3591-4CN625 14145MS
    TLF-4C-0750 MS21209F4-30 3591-4CN750 14146MS
    TLF-5C-0312 MS21209F5-10 3591-5CN312 14052MS
    TLF-5C-0469 MS21209F5-15 3591-5CN469 14053MS
    TLF-5C-0625 MS21209F5-20 3591-5CN625 14054MS
    TLF-5C-0781 MS21209F5-25 3591-5CN781 14055MS
    TLF-5C-0938 MS21209F5-30 3591-5CN938 14056MS
    TLF-6C-0375 MS21209F6-10 3591-6CN375 14062MS
    TLF-6C-0562 MS21209F6-15 3591-6CN562 14063MS
    TLF-6C-0750 MS21209F6-20 3591-6CN750 14064MS
    TLF-6C-0938 MS21209F6-25 3591-6CN938 14065MS
    TLF-6C-1125 MS21209F6-30 3591-6CN1125 14066MS
    TLF-7C-0438 MS21209F7-10 3951-7CN438 14072MS
    TLF-7C-0656 MS21209F7-15 3951-7CN656 14073MS
    TLF-7C-0875 MS21209F7-20 3951-7CN875 14074MS
    TLF-7C-1094 MS21209F7-25 3951-7CN1094 14075MS
    TLF-7C-1312 MS21209F7-30 3951-7CN1312 14076MS
    TLF-8C-0500 MS21209F8-10 3951-8CN500 14082MS
    TLF-8C-0750 MS21209F8-15 3951-8CN750 14083MS
    TLF-8C-1000 MS21209F8-20 3951-8CN1000 14084MS
    TLF-8C-1250 MS21209F8-25 3951-8CN1250 14085MS
    TLF-8C-1500 MS21209F8-30 3951-8CN1500 14086MS
    TLF-9C-0562 MS21209F9-10 3951-9CN562 14092MS
    TLF-9C-0844 MS21209F9-15 3951-9CN844 14093MS
    TLF-9C-1125 MS21209F9-20 3951-9CN1125 14094MS
    TLF-9C-1406 MS21209F9-25 3951-9CN1406 14095MS
    TLF-9C-1688 MS21209F9-30 3951-9CN1688 14096MS
    TLF-10C-0625 MS21209F1010 3951-10CN625 14102MS
    TLF-10C-0938 MS21209F1015 3951-10CN938 14103MS
    TLF-10C-1250 MS21209F1020 3951-10CN1250 14114MS
    TLF-10C-1562 MS21209F1025 3951-10CN1562 14105MS
    TLF-10C-1875 MS21209F1030 3951-10CN1875 14106MS
    TLF-12C-0750 MS21209F1210 3951-12CN750 14122MS
    TLF-12C-1125 MS21209F1215 3951-12CN1125 14123MS
    TLF-12C-1500 MS21209F1220 3951-12CN1500 14124MS
    TLF-12C-1875 MS21209F1225 3951-12CN1875 14125MS
    TLF-12C-2250 MS21209F1230 3951-12CN2250 14126MS
    TLF-14C-0875 MS21209F1410 3951-14CN875 14142MS
    TLF-14C-1312 MS21209F1415 3951-14CN1312 14143MS
    TLF-14C-1750 MS21209F1420 3951-14CN1750 14144MS
    TLF-14C-2188 MS21209F1425 3951-14CN2188 14145MS
    TLF-14C-2625 MS21209F1430 3951-14CN2625 14146MS
    TLF-161C-1000 MS21209F1610 3951-161CN1000 14162MS
    TLF-161C-1500 MS21209F1615 3951-161CN1500 14163MS
    TLF-161C-2000 MS21209F1620 3951-161CN2000 14164MS
    TLF-161C-2500 MS21209F1625 3951-161CN2500 14165MS
    TLF-161C-3000 MS21209F1630 3951-161CN3000 14166MS
    TLF-18C-1125 MS21209F1810 3951-18CN1125 14182MS
    TLF-18C-1688 MS21209F1815 3951-18CN1688 14183MS
    TLF-18C-2250 MS21209F1820 3951-18CN2250 14184MS
    TLF-18C-2812 MS21209F1825 3951-18CN2812 14185MS
    TLF-18C-3375 MS21209F1830 3951-18CN3375 14186MS
    TLF-20C-1250 MS21209F2010 3951-20CN1250 14202MS
    TLF-20C-1875 MS21209F2015 3951-20CN1875 14203MS
    TLF-20C-2500 MS21209F2020 3951-20CN2500 14214MS
    TLF-20C-3125 MS21209F2025 3951-20CN3125 14205MS
    TLF-20C-3750 MS21209F2030 3951-20CN3750 14206MS
    TLF-22C-1375 MS21209F2210 3951-22CN1375 14222MS
    TLF-22C-2062 MS21209F2215 3951-22CN2062 14223MS
    TLF-22C-2750 MS21209F2220 3951-22CN2750 14224MS
    TLF-22C-3438 MS21209F2225 3951-22CN3438 14225MS
    TLF-22C-4125 MS21209F2230 3951-22CN4125 14226MS
    TLF-24C-1500 MS21209F2410 3951-24CN1500 14242MS
    TLF-24C-2250 MS21209F2415 3951-24CN2250 14243MS
    TLF-24C-3000 MS21209F2420 3951-24CN3000 14244MS
    TLF-24C-3750 MS21209F2425 3951-24CN3750 14245MS
    TLF-24C-4500 MS21209F2430 3951-24CN4500 14246MS
    Metric Coarse
    TLM-2.2X.45C-2.2 MA3329-100 4184-2.2CN022 15012MA
    TLM-2.2X.45C-3.3 MA3329-150 4184-2.2CN033 15013MA
    TLM-2.2X.45C-4.4 MA3329-200 4184-2.2CN044 15014MA
    TLM-2.2X.45C-5.5 MA3329-250 4184-2.2CN055 15015MA
    TLM-2.2X.45C-6.6 MA3329-300 4184-2.2CN066 15016MA
    TLM-2.5X.45C-2.5 MA3329-101 4184-2.5CN025 15252MA
    TLM-2.5X.45C-3.8 MA3329-151 4184-2.5CN038 15253MA
    TLM-2.5X.45C-5 MA3329-201 4184-2.5CN050 15254MA
    TLM-2.5X.45C-6.3 MA3329-251 4184-2.5CN063 15255MA
    TLM-2.5X.45C-7.5 MA3329-301 4184-2.5CN075 15256MA
    TLM-3X.5C-3 MA3329-102 4184-3CN030 15032MA
    TLM-3X.5C-4.5 MA3329-152 4184-3CN045 15033MA
    TLM-3X.5C-6 MA3329-202 4184-3CN060 15034MA
    TLM-3X.5C-7.5 MA3329-252 4184-3CN075 15035MA
    TLM-3X.5C-9 MA3329-302 4184-3CN090 15036MA
    TLM-3.5X.6C-3.5 MA3329-103 4184-3.5CN035 15352MA
    TLM-3.5X.6C-5.3 MA3329-153 4184-3.5CN053 15353MA
    TLM-3.5X.6C-7 MA3329-203 4184-3.5CN070 15354MA
    TLM-3.5X.6C-8.8 MA3329-253 4184-3.5CN088 15355MA
    TLM-3.5X.6C-10.5 MA3329-303 4184-3.5CN105 15356MA
    TLM-4X.7C-4 MA3329-104 4184-4CN040 15042MA
    TLM-4X.7C-6 MA3329-154 4184-4CN060 15043MA
    TLM-4X.7C-8 MA3329-204 4184-4CN080 15044MA
    TLM-4X.7C-10 MA3329-254 4184-4CN100 15045MA
    TLM-4X.7C-12 MA3329-304 4184-4CN120 15046MA
    TLM-5X.8C-5 MA3329-105 4184-5CN050 15052MA
    TLM-5X.8C-7.5 MA3329-155 4184-5CN075 15053MA
    TLM-5X.8C-10 MA3329-205 4184-5CN100 15054MA
    TLM-5X.8C-12.5 MA3329-255 4184-5CN125 15055MA
    TLM-5X.8C-15 MA3329-305 4184-5CN150 15056MA
    TLM-6X1C-6 MA3329-106 4184-6CN060 15062MA
    TLM-6X1C-9 MA3329-156 4184-6CN090 15063MA
    TLM-6X1C-12 MA3329-206 4184-6CN120 15064MA
    TLM-6X1C-15 MA3329-256 4184-6CN150 15065MA
    TLM-6X1C-18 MA3329-306 4184-6CN180 15066MA
    TLM-7X1C-7 MA3329-107 4184-7CN070 15072MA
    TLM-7X1C-10.5 MA3329-157 4184-7CN105 15073MA
    TLM-7X1C-14 MA3329-207 4184-7CN140 15074MA
    TLM-7X1C-17.5 MA3329-257 4184-7CN175 15075MA
    TLM-7X1C-21 MA3329-307 4184-7CN210 15076MA
    TLM-8X1.25C-8 MA3329-109 4184-8CN080 15082MA
    TLM-8X1.25C-12 MA3329-159 4184-8CN120 15083MA
    TLM-8X1.25C-16 MA3329-209 4184-8CN160 15084MA
    TLM-8X1.25C-20 MA3329-259 4184-8CN200 15085MA
    TLM-8X1.25C-24 MA3329-260 4184-8CN240 15086MA
    TLM-10X1.5C-10 MA3329-141 4184-10CN100 15102MA
    TLM-10X1.5C-15 MA3329-191 4184-10CN150 15103MA
    TLM-10X1.5C-20 MA3329-241 4184-10CN200 15104MA
    TLM-10X1.5C-25 MA3329-291 4184-10CN250 15115MA
    TLM-10X1.5C-30 MA3329-341 4184-10CN300 15106MA
    TLM-12X1.75C-12 MA3329-114 4184-12CN120 15122MA
    TLM-12X1.75C-18 MA3329-164 4184-12CN180 15123MA
    TLM-12X1.75C-24 MA3329-214 4184-12CN240 15124MA
    TLM-12X1.75C-30 MA3329-264 4184-12CN300 15125MA
    TLM-12X1.75C-36 MA3329-314 4184-12CN360 15126MA
    TLM-14X2C-14 MA3329-116 4184-14CN140 15142MA
    TLM-14X2C-21 MA3329-166 4184-14CN210 15143MA
    TLM-14X2C-28 MA3329-216 4184-14CN280 15144MA
    TLM-14X2C-35 MA3329-266 4184-14CN350 15145MA
    TLM-14X2C-42 MA3329-316 4184-14CN420 15146MA
    TLM-16X2C-16 MA3329-118 4184-16CN160 15162MA
    TLM-16X2C-24 MA3329-168 4184-16CN240 15163MA
    TLM-16X2C-32 MA3329-218 4184-16CN320 15164MA
    TLM-16X2C-40 MA3329-268 4184-16CN400 15165MA
    TLM-16X2C-48 MA3329-318 4184-16CN480 15166MA
    TLM-18X2.5C-18 MA3329-121 4184-18CN180 15182MA
    TLM-18X2.5C-27 MA3329-171 4184-18CN270 15183MA
    TLM-18X2.5C-36 MA3329-221 4184-18CN360 15184MA
    TLM-18X2.5C-45 MA3329-272 4184-18CN450 15185MA
    TLM-18X2.5C-54 MA3329-321 4184-18CN540 15186MA
    TLM-20X2.5C-20 MA3329-124 4184-20CN020 15202MA
    TLM-20X2.5C-30 MA3329-174 4184-20CN030 15203MA
    TLM-20X2.5C-40 MA3329-224 4184-20CN040 15204MA
    TLM-20X2.5C-50 MA3329-274 4184-20CN050 15215MA
    TLM-20X2.5C-60 MA3329-324 4184-20CN060 15206MA
    TLM-22X2.5C-22 MA3329-127 4184-22CN022 15222MA
    TLM-22X2.5C-33 MA3329-177 4184-22CN033 15223MA
    TLM-22X2.5C-44 MA3329-227 4184-22CN044 15224MA
    TLM-22X2.5C-55 MA3329-277 4184-22CN055 15225MA
    TLM-22X2.5C-66 MA3329-327 4184-22CN066 15226MA
    TLM-24X3C-24 MA3329-129 4184-24CN024 15242MA
    TLM-24X3C-36 MA3329-179 4184-24CN036 15243MA
    TLM-24X3C-48 MA3329-229 4184-24CN048 15244MA
    TLM-24X3C-60 MA3329-279 4184-24CN600 15245MA
    TLM-24X3C-72 MA3329-329 4184-24CN720 15246MA
    TLM-27X3C-27 MA3329-131 4184-27CN270 15272MA
    TLM-27X3C-40.5 MA3329-181 4184-27CN405 15273MA
    TLM-27X3C-54 MA3329-231 4184-27CN540 15274MA
    TLM-27X3C-67.5 MA3329-281 4184-27CN675 15275MA
    TLM-27X3C-81 MA3329-331 4184-27CN810 15276MA
    Metric Fine
    TLM-8X1C-8 MA3329-108 5255-8CN080 17082MA
    TLM-8X1C-12 MA3329-158 5255-8CN012 17083MA
    TLM-8X1C-16 MA3329-208 5255-8CN016 17084MA
    TLM-8X1C-20 MA3329-258 5255-8CN020 17085MA
    TLM-8X1C-24 MA3329-308 5255-8CN024 17086MA
    TLM-10X1C-10 MA3329-111 5255-10CN010 ---
    TLM-10X1C-15 MA3329-161 5255-10CN015 ---
    TLM-10X1C-20 MA3329-211 5255-10CN020 ---
    TLM-10X1C-25 MA3329-261 5255-10CN025 ---
    TLM-10X1C-30 MA3329-311 5255-10CN030 ---
    TLM-10X1.25C-10 MA3329-110 5649-10CN010 17102MA
    TLM-10X1.25C-15 MA3329-160 5649-10CN015 17103MA
    TLM-10X1.25C-20 MA3329-210 5649-10CN020 17104MA
    TLM-10X1.25C-25 MA3329-260 5649-10CN025 17105MA
    TLM-10X1.25C-30 MA3329-310 5649-10CN030 17106MA
    TLM-12X1.25C-12 MA3329-112 5649-12CN012 18122MA
    TLM-12X1.25C-18 MA3329-162 5649-12CN018 18123MA
    TLM-12X1.25C-24 MA3329-212 5649-12CN024 18124MA
    TLM-12X1.25C-30 MA3329-262 5649-12CN030 18125MA
    TLM-12X1.25C-36 MA3329-312 5649-12CN036 18126MA
    TLM-12X1.5C-12 MA3329-113 5145-12CN012 17122MA
    TLM-12X1.5C-18 MA3329-163 5145-12CN018 17123MA
    TLM-12X1.5C-24 MA3329-213 5145-12CN024 17124MA
    TLM-12X1.5C-30 MA3329-263 5145-12CN030 17125MA
    TLM-12X1.5C-36 MA3329-313 5145-12CN036 17126MA
    TLM-14X1.5C-14 MA3329-115 5145-14CN014 17142MA
    TLM-14X1.5C-21 MA3329-165 5145-14CN021 17143MA
    TLM-14X1.5C-28 MA3329-215 5145-14CN028 17144MA
    TLM-14X1.5C-35 MA3329-265 5145-14CN035 17145MA
    TLM-14X1.5C-42 MA3329-315 5145-14CN042 17146MA
    TLM-16X1.5C-16 MA3329-117 5145-16CN016 17162MA
    TLM-16X1.5C-24 MA3329-167 5145-16CN024 17163MA
    TLM-16X1.5C-32 MA3329-217 5145-16CN032 17164MA
    TLM-16X1.5C-40 MA3329-267 5145-16CN040 17165MA
    TLM-16X1.5C-48 MA3329-317 5145-16CN048 17166MA
    TLM-18X1.5C-18 MA3329-119 5145-18CN018 18182MA
    TLM-18X1.5C-27 MA3329-169 5145-18CN027 18183MA
    TLM-18X1.5C-36 MA3329-219 5145-18CN036 18184MA
    TLM-18X1.5C-45 MA3329-269 5145-18CN045 18185MA
    TLM-18X1.5C-54 MA3329-319 5145-18CN054 18186MA
    TLM-18X2C-18 MA3329-120 5266-18CN018 17182MA
    TLM-18X2C-27 MA3329-170 5266-18CN027 17183MA
    TLM-18X2C-35 MA3329-220 5266-18CN036 17184MA
    TLM-18X2C-45 MA3329-270 5266-18CN045 17185MA
    TLM-18X2C-54 MA3329-320 5266-18CN054 17186MA
    TLM-20X1.5C-20 MA3329-122 5145-20CN020 18202MA
    TLM-20X1.5C-30 MA3329-172 5145-20CN030 18203MA
    TLM-20X1.5C-40 MA3329-222 5145-20CN040 18204MA
    TLM-20X1.5C-50 MA3329-270 5145-20CN050 18205MA
    TLM-20X1.5C-60 MA3329-322 5145-20CN060 18206MA
    TLM-20X2C-20 MA3329-123 5266-20CN020 17202MA
    TLM-20X2C-30 MA3329-173 5266-20CN030 17203MA
    TLM-20X2C-40 MA3329-223 5266-20CN040 17204MA
    TLM-20X2C-50 MA3329-273 5266-20CN050 17205MA
    TLM-20X2C-60 MA3329-323 5266-20CN060 17206MA
    TLM-22X1.5C-22 MA3329-125 5145-22CN022 18222MA
    TLM-22X1.5C-33 MA3329-175 5145-22CN033 18223MA
    TLM-22X1.5C-44 MA3329-225 5145-22CN044 18224MA
    TLM-22X1.5C-55 MA3329-275 5145-22CN055 18225MA
    TLM-22X1.5C-66 MA3329-325 5145-22CN066 18226MA
    TLM-22X2C-22 MA3329-126 5266-22CN022 17222MA
    TLM-22X2C-33 MA3329-176 5266-22CN033 17223MA
    TLM-22X2C-44 MA3329-226 5266-22CN044 17224MA
    TLM-22X2C-55 MA3329-276 5266-22CN055 17225MA
    TLM-22X2C-66 MA3329-326 5266-22CN066 17226MA
    TLM-24X2C-24 MA3329-128 5266-24CN024 17242MA
    TLM-24X2C-36 MA3329-178 5266-24CN036 17243MA
    TLM-24X2C-48 MA3329-228 5266-24CN048 17244MA
    TLM-24X2C-60 MA3329-278 5266-24CN060 17245MA
    TLM-24X2C-72 MA3329-328 5266-24CN072 17246MA
    TLM-27X2C-27 MA3329-130 5266-27CN027 17272MA
    TLM-27X2C-40.5 MA3329-180 5266-27CN405 17273MA
    TLM-27X2C-54 MA3329-230 5266-27CN054 17274MA
    TLM-27X2C-67.5 MA3329-280 5266-27CN675 17275MA
    TLM-27X2C-81 MA3329-330 5266-27CN081 17276MA
    TLM-30X2C-30 MA3329-132 5266-30CN030 17302MA
    TLM-30X2C-45 MA3329-182 5266-30CN045 17303MA
    TLM-30X2C-60 MA3329-232 5266-30CN060 17304MA
    TLM-30X2C-75 MA3329-282 5266-30CN075 17305MA
    TLM-30X2C-90 MA3329-332 5266-30CN090 17306MA
    TLM-33X2C-33 MA3329-134 5266-33CN033 17322MA
    TLM-33X2C-49.5 MA3329-184 5266-33CN495 17323MA
    TLM-33X2C-66 MA3329-234 5266-33CN066 17324MA
    TLM-33X2C-82.5 MA3329-284 5266-33CN825 17325MA
    TLM-33X2C-99 MA3329-334 5266-33CN099 17326MA
    TLM-36X2C-36 MA3329-136 5266-36CN036 17362-2MA
    TLM-36X2C-54 MA3329-186 5266-36CN054 17363-2MA
    TLM-36X2C-72 MA3329-236 5266-36CN072 17364-2MA
    TLM-36X2C-90 MA3329-286 5266-36CN090 17365-2MA
    TLM-36X2C-108 MA3329-336 5266-36CN108 17366-2MA
    TLM-36X3C-36 MA3329-137 5277-36CN036 ---
    TLM-36X3C-54 MA3329-187 5277-36CN054 ---
    TLM-36X3C-72 MA3329-237 5277-36CN072 ---
    TLM-36X3C-90 MA3329-287 5277-36CN090 ---
    TLM-36X3C-108 MA3329-337 5277-36CN108 ---
    TLM-39X2C-39 MA3329-138 5266-39CN039 18392MA
    TLM-39X2C-58.5 MA3329-188 5266-39CN585 18393MA
    TLM-39X2C-78 MA3329-238 5266-39CN078 18394MA
    TLM-39X2C-97.5 MA3329-288 5266-39CN097 18395MA
    TLM-39X2C-117 MA3329-338 5266-39CN117 18396MA
    TLM-39X3C-39 MA3329-139 5277-39CN039 ---
    TLM-39X3C-58.5 MA3329-189 5277-39CN585 ---
    TLM-39X3C-78 MA3329-239 5277-39CN078 ---
    TLM-39X3C-97.5 MA3329-289 5277-39CN975 ---
    TLM-39X3C-117 MA3329-339 5277-39CN117 ---

    Tanged: Non-Locking Bulk

    TangedHeli-Coil No.Recoil No.
    Locking Insert No.MS / MA No.
    Unified Coarse
    TNC-02C-0086 MS122095 1185-02CN086 03522
    TNC-02C-0129 MS122135 1185-02CN129 03523
    TNC-02C-0172 MS122175 1185-02CN172 03524
    TNC-02C-0215 MS122215 1185-02CN215 03525
    TNC-02C-0258 MS122255 1185-02CN258 03526
    TNC-03C-0099 MS122115 1185-03CN099 03532
    TNC-03C-0148 MS122155 1185-03CN148 03533
    TNC-03C-0198 MS122195 1185-03CN198 03534
    TNC-03C-0248 MS122235 1185-03CN248 03535
    TNC-03C-0297 MS122275 1185-03CN297 03536
    TNC-04C-0112 MS122076 1185-04CN112 03542
    TNC-04C-0168 MS122116 1185-04CN168 03543
    TNC-04C-0224 MS122156 1185-04CN224 03544
    TNC-04C-0280 MS122196 1185-04CN280 03545
    TNC-04C-0336 MS122236 1185-04CN336 03546
    TNC-05C-0125 MS122077 1185-05CN125 03552
    TNC-05C-0188 MS122117 1185-05CN188 03553
    TNC-05C-0250 MS122157 1185-05CN250 03554
    TNC-05C-0312 MS122197 1185-05CN312 03555
    TNC-05C-0375 MS122237 1185-05CN375 03556
    TNC-06C-0138 MS122078 1185-06CN138 03562
    TNC-06C-0207 MS122118 1185-06CN207 03563
    TNC-06C-0276 MS122158 1185-06CN276 03564
    TNC-06C-0345 MS122198 1185-06CN345 03565
    TNC-06C-0414 MS122238 1185-06CN414 03566
    TNC-2C-0164 MS122079 1185-2CN164 03582
    TNC-2C-0246 MS122119 1185-2CN246 03583
    TNC-2C-0328 MS122159 1185-2CN328 03584
    TNC-2C-0410 MS122199 1185-2CN410 03585
    TNC-2C-0492 MS122239 1185-2CN492 03586
    TNC-3C-0190 MS122080 1185-3CN190 03602
    TNC-3C-0285 MS122120 1185-3CN285 03603
    TNC-3C-0380 MS122160 1185-3CN380 03604
    TNC-3C-0475 MS122200 1185-3CN475 03605
    TNC-3C-0570 MS122240 1185-3CN570 03606
    TNC-1C-0216 --- 1185-1CN216 03622
    TNC-1C-0324 --- 1185-1CN324 03623
    TNC-1C-0432 --- 1185-1CN432 03624
    TNC-1C-0540 --- 1185-1CN540 03625
    TNC-1C-0648 --- 1185-1CN648 03626
    TNC-4C-0250 MS122081 1185-4CN250 03042
    TNC-4C-0375 MS122121 1185-4CN375 03043
    TNC-4C-0500 MS122161 1185-4CN500 03044
    TNC-4C-0625 MS122201 1185-4CN625 03045
    TNC-4C-0750 MS122241 1185-4CN750 03046
    TNC-5C-0312 MS122082 1185-5CN312 03052
    TNC-5C-0469 MS122122 1185-5CN469 03053
    TNC-5C-0625 MS122162 1185-5CN625 03054
    TNC-5C-0781 MS122202 1185-5CN781 03055
    TNC-5C-0938 MS122242 1185-5CN938 03056
    TNC-6C-0375 MS122083 1185-6CN375 03062
    TNC-6C-0562 MS122123 1185-6CN562 03063
    TNC-6C-0750 MS122163 1185-6CN750 03064
    TNC-6C-0938 MS122203 1185-6CN938 03065
    TNC-6C-1125 MS122243 1185-6CN1125 03066
    TNC-7C-0438 MS122084 1185-7CN438 03072
    TNC-7C-0656 MS122124 1185-7CN656 03073
    TNC-7C-0875 MS122164 1185-7CN875 03074
    TNC-7C-1094 MS122204 1185-7CN1094 03075
    TNC-7C-1312 MS122244 1185-7CN1312 03076
    TNC-8C-0500 MS122085 1185-8CN500 03082
    TNC-8C-0750 MS122125 1185-8CN750 03083
    TNC-8C-1000 MS122165 1185-8CN1000 03084
    TNC-8C-1250 MS122205 1185-8CN1250 03085
    TNC-8C-1500 MS122245 1185-8CN1500 03086
    TNC-9C-0562 MS122086 1185-9CN562 03092
    TNC-9C-0844 MS122126 1185-9CN844 03093
    TNC-9C-1125 MS122166 1185-9CN1125 03094
    TNC-9C-1406 MS122206 1185-9CN1406 03095
    TNC-9C-1688 MS122246 1185-9CN1688 03096
    TNC-10C-0625 MS122087 1185-10CN625 03102
    TNC-10C-0938 MS122127 1185-10CN938 03103
    TNC-10C-1250 MS122167 1185-10CN1250 03104
    TNC-10C-1562 MS122207 1185-10CN1562 03105
    TNC-10C-1875 MS122247 1185-10CN1875 03106
    TNC-12C-0750 MS122088 1185-12CN750 03122
    TNC-12C-1125 MS122128 1185-12CN1125 03123
    TNC-12C-1500 MS122168 1185-12CN1500 03124
    TNC-12C-1875 MS122208 1185-12CN1875 03125
    TNC-12C-2250 MS122248 1185-12CN2250 03126
    TNC-14C-0875 MS122089 1185-14CN875 03142
    TNC-14C-1312 MS122129 1185-14CN1312 03143
    TNC-14C-1750 MS122169 1185-14CN1750 03144
    TNC-14C-2188 MS122209 1185-14CN2188 03145
    TNC-14C-2625 MS122249 1185-14CN2625 03146
    TNC-16C-1000 MS122090 1185-16CN1000 03162
    TNC-16C-1500 MS122130 1185-16CN1500 03163
    TNC-16C-2000 MS122170 1185-16CN2000 03164
    TNC-16C-2500 MS122210 1185-16CN2500 03165
    TNC-16C-3000 MS122250 1185-16CN3000 03166
    TNC-18C-1125 MS122091 1185-18CN1125 03182
    TNC-18C-1688 MS122131 1185-18CN1688 03183
    TNC-18C-2250 MS122171 1185-18CN2250 03184
    TNC-18C-2812 MS122211 1185-18CN2812 03185
    TNC-18C-3375 MS122251 1185-18CN3375 03186
    TNC-20C-1250 MS122092 1185-20CN1250 03202
    TNC-20C-1875 MS122132 1185-20CN1875 03203
    TNC-20C-2500 MS122172 1185-20CN2500 03204
    TNC-20C-3125 MS122212 1185-20CN3125 03205
    TNC-20C-3750 MS122252 1185-20CN3750 03206
    TNC-22C-1375 MS122093 1185-22CN1375 03222
    TNC-22C-2062 MS122133 1185-22CN2062 03223
    TNC-22C-2750 MS122173 1185-22CN2750 03224
    TNC-22C-3438 MS122213 1185-22CN3438 03225
    TNC-22C-4125 MS122253 1185-22CN4125 03226
    TNC-24C-1500 MS122094 1185-24CN1500 03242
    TNC-24C-2250 MS122134 1185-24CN2250 03243
    TNC-24C-3000 MS122174 1185-24CN3000 03244
    TNC-24C-3750 MS122214 1185-24CN3750 03245
    TNC-24C-4500 MS122254 1185-24CN4500 03246
    Unified Fine
    TNF-03C-0099 MS124670 1191-03CN099 04532MS
    TNF-03C-0148 MS124710 1191-03CN148 04533MS
    TNF-03C-0198 MS124750 1191-03CN198 04534MS
    TNF-03C-0248 MS124790 1191-03CN248 04535MS
    TNF-03C-0297 MS124830 1191-03CN297 04536MS
    TNF-04C-0112 MS124671 1191-04CN112 04542MS
    TNF-04C-0168 MS124711 1191-04CN168 04543MS
    TNF-04C-0224 MS124751 1191-04CN224 04544MS
    TNF-04C-0280 MS124791 1191-04CN280 04545MS
    TNF-04C-0336 MS124831 1191-04CN336 04546MS
    TNF-06C-0138 MS124653 1191-06CN138 04562MS
    TNF-06C-0207 MS124693 1191-06CN207 04563MS
    TNF-06C-0276 MS124733 1191-06CN276 04564MS
    TNF-06C-0345 MS124773 1191-06CN345 04565MS
    TNF-06C-0414 MS124813 1191-06CN414 04566MS
    TNF-2C-0164 MS124654 1191-2CN164 04582MS
    TNF-2C-0246 MS124694 1191-2CN246 04583MS
    TNF-2C-0328 MS124734 1191-2CN328 04584MS
    TNF-2C-0410 MS124774 1191-2CN410 04585MS
    TNF-2C-0492 MS124814 1191-2CN492 04586MS
    TNF-3C-0190 MS124655 1191-3CN190 04602MS
    TNF-3C-0285 MS124695 1191-3CN285 04603MS
    TNF-3C-0380 MS124735 1191-3CN380 04614MS
    TNF-3C-0475 MS124775 1191-3CN475 04605MS
    TNF-3C-0570 MS124815 1191-3CN570 04606MS
    TNF-4C-0250 MS124656 1191-4CN250 04142MS
    TNF-4C-0375 MS124696 1191-4CN375 04143MS
    TNF-4C-0500 MS124736 1191-4CN500 04144MS
    TNF-4C-0625 MS124776 1191-4CN625 04145MS
    TNF-4C-0750 MS124816 1191-4CN750 04146MS
    TNF-5C-0312 MS124657 1191-5CN312 04052MS
    TNF-5C-0469 MS124697 1191-5CN469 04053MS
    TNF-5C-0625 MS124737 1191-5CN625 04054MS
    TNF-5C-0781 MS124777 1191-5CN781 04055MS
    TNF-5C-0938 MS124817 1191-5CN938 04056MS
    TNF-6C-0375 MS124658 1191-6CN375 04062MS
    TNF-6C-0562 MS124698 1191-6CN562 04063MS
    TNF-6C-0750 MS124738 1191-6CN750 04064MS
    TNF-6C-0938 MS124778 1191-6CN938 04065MS
    TNF-6C-1125 MS124818 1191-6CN1125 04066MS
    TNF-7C-0438 MS124659 1191-7CN438 04072MS
    TNF-7C-0656 MS124699 1191-7CN656 04073MS
    TNF-7C-0875 MS124739 1191-7CN875 04074MS
    TNF-7C-1094 MS124779 1191-7CN1094 04075MS
    TNF-7C-1312 MS124819 1191-7CN1312 04076MS
    TNF-8C-0500 MS124660 1191-8CN500 04082MS
    TNF-8C-0750 MS124700 1191-8CN750 04083MS
    TNF-8C-1000 MS124740 1191-8CN1000 04084MS
    TNF-8C-1250 MS124780 1191-8CN1250 04085MS
    TNF-8C-1500 MS124820 1191-8CN1500 04086MS
    TNF-9C-0562 MS124661 1191-9CN562 04092MS
    TNF-9C-0844 MS124701 1191-9CN844 04093MS
    TNF-9C-1125 MS124741 1191-9CN1125 04094MS
    TNF-9C-1406 MS124781 1191-9CN1406 04095MS
    TNF-9C-1688 MS124821 1191-9CN1688 04096MS
    TNF-10C-0625 MS124662 1191-10CN625 04102MS
    TNF-10C-0938 MS124702 1191-10CN938 04103MS
    TNF-10C-1250 MS124742 1191-10CN1250 04114MS
    TNF-10C-1562 MS124782 1191-10CN1562 04105MS
    TNF-10C-1875 MS124822 1191-10CN1875 04106MS
    TNF-12C-0750 MS124663 1191-12CN750 04122MS
    TNF-12C-1125 MS124703 1191-12CN1125 04123MS
    TNF-12C-1500 MS124743 1191-12CN1500 04124MS
    TNF-12C-1875 MS124783 1191-12CN1875 04125MS
    TNF-12C-2250 MS124823 1191-12CN2250 04126MS
    TNF-14C-0875 MS124664 1191-14CN875 04142MS
    TNF-14C-1312 MS124704 1191-14CN1312 04143MS
    TNF-14C-1750 MS124744 1191-14CN1750 04144MS
    TNF-14C-2188 MS124784 1191-14CN2188 04145MS
    TNF-14C-2625 MS124824 1191-14CN2625 04146MS
    TNF-161C-1000 MS124651 1191-161CN1000 04162MS
    TNF-161C-1500 MS124691 1191-161CN1500 04163MS
    TNF-161C-2000 MS124731 1191-161CN2000 04164MS
    TNF-161C-2500 MS124771 1191-161CN2500 04165MS
    TNF-161C-3000 MS124811 1191-161CN3000 04166MS
    TNF-18C-1125 MS124666 1191-18CN1125 04182MS
    TNF-18C-1688 MS124706 1191-18CN1688 04183MS
    TNF-18C-2250 MS124746 1191-18CN2250 04184MS
    TNF-18C-2812 MS124786 1191-18CN2812 04185MS
    TNF-18C-3375 MS124826 1191-18CN3375 04186MS
    TNF-20C-1250 MS124667 1191-20CN1250 04202MS
    TNF-20C-1875 MS124707 1191-20CN1875 04203MS
    TNF-20C-2500 MS124747 1191-20CN2500 04214MS
    TNF-20C-3125 MS124787 1191-20CN3125 04205MS
    TNF-20C-3750 MS124827 1191-20CN3750 04206MS
    TNF-22C-1375 MS124668 1191-22CN1375 04222MS
    TNF-22C-2062 MS124708 1191-22CN2062 04223MS
    TNF-22C-2750 MS124748 1191-22CN2750 04224MS
    TNF-22C-3438 MS124788 1191-22CN3438 04225MS
    TNF-22C-4125 MS124828 1191-22CN4125 04226MS
    TNF-24C-1500 MS124669 1191-24CN1500 04242MS
    TNF-24C-2250 MS124709 1191-24CN2250 04243MS
    TNF-24C-3000 MS124749 1191-24CN3000 04244MS
    TNF-24C-3750 MS124789 1191-24CN3750 04245MS
    TNF-24C-4500 MS124829 1191-24CN4500 04246MS
    Metric Coarse
    --- --- 1084-2CN020 ---
    TNM-2X.4C-3 MA3279-190 1084-2CN030 ---
    TNM-2X.4C-4 MA3279-240 1084-2CN040 ---
    TNM-2X.4C-5 MA3279-290 1084-2CN050 ---
    TNM-2X.4C-6 MA3279-340 1084-2CN060 ---
    TNM-2.2X.45C-2.2 MA3279-100 1084-2.2CN022 05012MA
    TNM-2.2X.45C-3.3 MA3279-150 1084-2.2CN033 05013MA
    TNM-2.2X.45C-4.4 MA3279-200 1084-2.2CN044 05014MA
    TNM-2.2X.45C-5.5 MA3279-250 1084-2.2CN055 05015MA
    TNM-2.2X.45C-6.6 MA3279-300 1084-2.2CN066 05016MA
    TNM-2.5X.45C-2.5 MA3279-101 1084-2.5CN025 05252MA
    TNM-2.5X.45C-3.8 MA3279-151 1084-2.5CN038 05253MA
    TNM-2.5X.45C-5 MA3279-201 1084-2.5CN050 05254MA
    TNM-2.5X.45C-6.3 MA3279-251 1084-2.5CN063 05255MA
    TNM-2.5X.45C-7.5 MA3279-301 1084-2.5CN075 05256MA
    TNM-3X.5C-3 MA3279-102 1084-3CN030 05032MA
    TNM-3X.5C-4.5 MA3279-152 1084-3CN045 05033MA
    TNM-3X.5C-6 MA3279-202 1084-3CN060 05034MA
    TNM-3X.5C-7.5 MA3279-252 1084-3CN075 05035MA
    TNM-3X.5C-9 MA3279-302 1084-3CN090 05036MA
    TNM-3.5X.6C-3.5 MA3279-103 1084-3.5CN035 05352MA
    TNM-3.5X.6C-5.3 MA3279-153 1084-3.5CN053 05353MA
    TNM-3.5X.6C-7 MA3279-203 1084-3.5CN070 05354MA
    TNM-3.5X.6C-8.8 MA3279-253 1084-3.5CN088 05355MA
    TNM-3.5X.6C-10.5 MA3279-303 1084-3.5CN105 05356MA
    TNM-4X.7C-4 MA3279-104 1084-4CN040 05042MA
    TNM-4X.7C-6 MA3279-154 1084-4CN060 05043MA
    TNM-4X.7C-8 MA3279-204 1084-4CN080 05044MA
    TNM-4X.7C-10 MA3279-254 1084-4CN100 05045MA
    TNM-4X.7C-12 MA3279-304 1084-4CN120 05046MA
    TNM-5X.8C-5 MA3279-105 1084-5CN050 05052MA
    TNM-5X.8C-7.5 MA3279-155 1084-5CN075 05053MA
    TNM-5X.8C-10 MA3279-205 1084-5CN100 05054MA
    TNM-5X.8C-12.5 MA3279-255 1084-5CN125 05055MA
    TNM-5X.8C-15 MA3279-305 1084-5CN150 05056MA
    TNM-6X1C-6 MA3279-106 1084-6CN060 05062MA
    TNM-6X1C-9 MA3279-156 1084-6CN090 05063MA
    TNM-6X1C-12 MA3279-206 1084-6CN120 05064MA
    TNM-6X1C-15 MA3279-256 1084-6CN150 05065MA
    TNM-6X1C-18 MA3279-306 1084-6CN180 05066MA
    TNM-7X1C-7 MA3279-107 1084-7CN070 05072MA
    TNM-7X1C-10.5 MA3279-157 1084-7CN105 05073MA
    TNM-7X1C-14 MA3279-207 1084-7CN140 05074MA
    TNM-7X1C-17.5 MA3279-257 1084-7CN175 05075MA
    TNM-7X1C-21 MA3279-307 1084-7CN210 05076MA
    TNM-8X1.25C-8 MA3279-109 1084-8CN080 05082MA
    TNM-8X1.25C-12 MA3279-159 1084-8CN120 05083MA
    TNM-8X1.25C-16 MA3279-209 1084-8CN160 05084MA
    TNM-8X1.25C-20 MA3279-259 1084-8CN200 05085MA
    TNM-8X1.25C-24 MA3279-260 1084-8CN240 05086MA
    TNM-10X1.5C-10 MA3279-141 1084-10CN100 05102
    TNM-10X1.5C-15 MA3279-191 1084-10CN150 05103
    TNM-10X1.5C-20 MA3279-241 1084-10CN200 05104
    TNM-10X1.5C-25 MA3279-291 1084-10CN250 05115
    TNM-10X1.5C-30 MA3279-341 1084-10CN300 05106
    TNM-12X1.75C-12 MA3279-114 1084-12CN120 05122
    TNM-12X1.75C-18 MA3279-164 1084-12CN180 05123
    TNM-12X1.75C-24 MA3279-214 1084-12CN240 05124
    TNM-12X1.75C-30 MA3279-264 1084-12CN300 05125
    TNM-12X1.75C-36 MA3279-314 1084-12CN360 05126
    TNM-14X2C-14 MA3279-116 1084-14CN140 05142
    TNM-14X2C-21 MA3279-166 1084-14CN210 05143
    TNM-14X2C-28 MA3279-216 1084-14CN280 05144
    TNM-14X2C-35 MA3279-266 1084-14CN350 05145
    TNM-14X2C-42 MA3279-316 1084-14CN420 05146
    TNM-16X2C-16 MA3279-118 1084-16CN160 05162
    TNM-16X2C-24 MA3279-168 1084-16CN240 05163
    TNM-16X2C-32 MA3279-218 1084-16CN320 05164
    TNM-16X2C-40 MA3279-268 1084-16CN400 05165
    TNM-16X2C-48 MA3279-318 1084-16CN480 05166
    TNM-18X2.5C-18 MA3279-121 1084-18CN180 05182
    TNM-18X2.5C-27 MA3279-171 1084-18CN270 05183
    TNM-18X2.5C-36 MA3279-221 1084-18CN360 05184
    TNM-18X2.5C-45 MA3279-272 1084-18CN450 05185
    TNM-18X2.5C-54 MA3279-321 1084-18CN540 05186
    TNM-20X2.5C-20 MA3279-124 1084-20CN200 05202
    TNM-20X2.5C-30 MA3279-174 1084-20CN300 05203
    TNM-20X2.5C-40 MA3279-224 1084-20CN400 05204
    TNM-20X2.5C-50 MA3279-274 1084-20CN500 05215
    TNM-20X2.5C-60 MA3279-324 1084-20CN600 05206
    TNM-22X2.5C-22 MA3279-127 1084-22CN220 05222
    TNM-22X2.5C-33 MA3279-177 1084-22CN330 05223
    TNM-22X2.5C-44 MA3279-227 1084-22CN440 05224
    TNM-22X2.5C-55 MA3279-277 1084-22CN550 05225
    TNM-22X2.5C-66 MA3279-327 1084-22CN660 05226
    TNM-24X3C-24 MA3279-129 1084-24CN240 05242
    TNM-24X3C-36 MA3279-179 1084-24CN360 05243
    TNM-24X3C-48 MA3279-229 1084-24CN480 05244
    TNM-24X3C-60 MA3279-279 1084-24CN600 05245
    TNM-24X3C-72 MA3279-329 1084-24CN720 05246
    TNM-27X3C-27 MA3279-131 1084-27CN270 05272
    TNM-27X3C-40 MA3279-181 1084-27CN405 05273
    TNM-27X3C-54 MA3279-231 1084-27CN540 05274
    TNM-27X3C-67.5 MA3279-281 1084-27CN675 05275
    TNM-27X3C-81 MA3279-331 1084-27CN810 05276
    Metric Fine
    TNM-8X1C-8 MA3279-108 4255-8CN080 07082MA
    TNM-8X1C-12 MA3279-158 4255-8CN120 07083MA
    TNM-8X1C-16 MA3279-208 4255-8CN160 07008MA
    TNM-8X1C-20 MA3279-258 4255-8CN200 07085MA
    TNM-8X1C-24 MA3279-308 4255-8CN240 07086MA
    TNM-10X1C-10 MA3279-111 4255-10CN100 ---
    TNM-10X1C-15 MA3279-161 4255-10CN150 ---
    TNM-10X1C-20 MA3279-211 4255-10CN200 ---
    TNM-10X1C-25 MA3279-261 4255-10CN250 ---
    TNM-10X1C-30 MA3279-311 4255-10CN300 ---
    TNM-10X1.25C-10 MA3279-110 4649-10CN100 07102MA
    TNM-10X1.25C-15 MA3279-160 4649-10CN150 07103MA
    TNM-10X1.25C-20 MA3279-210 4649-10CN200 07104MA
    TNM-10X1.25C-25 MA3279-260 4649-10CN250 07105MA
    TNM-10X1.25C-30 MA3279-310 4649-10CN300 07106MA
    TNM-12X1.25C-12 MA3279-112 4649-12CN120 08122MA
    TNM-12X1.25C-18 MA3279-162 4649-12CN180 08123MA
    TNM-12X1.25C-24 MA3279-212 4649-12CN240 08124MA
    TNM-12X1.25C-30 MA3279-262 4649-12CN300 08125MA
    TNM-12X1.25C-36 MA3279-312 4649-12CN360 08126MA
    TNM-12X1.5C-12 MA3279-113 3745-12CN120 07122MA
    TNM-12X1.5C-18 MA3279-163 3745-12CN180 07123MA
    TNM-12X1.5C-24 MA3279-213 3745-12CN240 07124MA
    TNM-12X1.5C-30 MA3279-263 3745-12CN300 07125MA
    TNM-12X1.5C-36 MA3279-313 3745-12CN360 07126MA
    TNM-14X1.5C-14 MA3279-115 3745-14CN140 07142MA
    TNM-14X1.5C-21 MA3279-165 3745-14CN210 07143MA
    TNM-14X1.5C-28 MA3279-215 3745-14CN280 07144MA
    TNM-14X1.5C-35 MA3279-265 3745-14CN350 07145MA
    TNM-14X1.5C-42 MA3279-315 3745-14CN420 07146MA
    TNM-16X1.5C-16 MA3279-107 3745-16CN160 07162MA
    TNM-16X1.5C-24 MA3279-167 3745-16CN240 07163MA
    TNM-16X1.5C-32 MA3279-207 3745-16CN320 07164MA
    TNM-16X1.5C-40 MA3279-267 3745-16CN400 07165MA
    TNM-16X1.5C-48 MA3279-307 3745-16CN480 07166MA
    TNM-18X1.5C-18 MA3279-119 3745-18CN180 08182MA
    TNM-18X1.5C-27 MA3279-169 3745-18CN270 08183MA
    TNM-18X1.5C-36 MA3279-219 3745-18CN360 08184MA
    TNM-18X1.5C-45 MA3279-269 3745-18CN450 08185MA
    TNM-18X1.5C-54 MA3279-319 3745-18CN540 08186MA
    TNM-18X2C-18 MA3279-120 4266-18CN180 07182MA
    TNM-18X2C-27 MA3279-070 4266-18CN270 07183MA
    TNM-18X2C-35 MA3279-220 4266-18CN360 07184MA
    TNM-18X2C-45 MA3279-270 4266-18CN450 07185MA
    TNM-18X2C-54 MA3279-320 4266-18CN540 07186MA
    TNM-20X1.5C-20 MA3279-122 3745-20CN200 08202MA
    TNM-20X1.5C-30 MA3279-172 3745-20CN300 08203MA
    TNM-20X1.5C-40 MA3279-222 3745-20CN400 08204MA
    TNM-20X1.5C-50 MA3279-270 3745-20CN500 08205MA
    TNM-20X1.5C-60 MA3279-322 3745-20CN600 08206MA
    TNM-20X2C-20 MA3279-123 4266-20CN200 07202MA
    TNM-20X2C-30 MA3279-173 4266-20CN300 07203MA
    TNM-20X2C-40 MA3279-223 4266-20CN400 07204MA
    TNM-20X2C-50 MA3279-273 4266-20CN500 07205MA
    TNM-20X2C-60 MA3279-323 4266-20CN600 07206MA
    TNM-22X1.5C-22 MA3279-125 3745-22CN220 08222MA
    TNM-22X1.5C-33 MA3279-175 3745-22CN330 08223MA
    TNM-22X1.5C-44 MA3279-225 3745-22CN440 08224MA
    TNM-22X1.5C-55 MA3279-275 3745-22CN550 08225MA
    TNM-22X1.5C-66 MA3279-325 3745-22CN660 08226MA
    TNM-22X2C-22 MA3279-126 4266-22CN220 07222MA
    TNM-22X2C-33 MA3279-176 4266-22CN330 07223MA
    TNM-22X2C-44 MA3279-226 4266-22CN440 07224MA
    TNM-22X2C-55 MA3279-276 4266-22CN550 07225MA
    TNM-22X2C-66 MA3279-326 4266-22CN660 07226MA
    TNM-24X2C-24 MA3279-128 4266-24CN240 07242MA
    TNM-24X2C-36 MA3279-178 4266-24CN360 07243MA
    TNM-24X2C-48 MA3279-228 4266-24CN480 07244MA
    TNM-24X2C-60 MA3279-278 4266-24CN600 07245MA
    TNM-24X2C-72 MA3279-328 4266-24CN720 07246MA
    TNM-27X2C-27 MA3279-130 4266-27CN270 07272MA
    TNM-27X2C-40.5 MA3279-180 4266-27CN405 07273MA
    TNM-27X2C-54 MA3279-230 4266-27CN540 07274MA
    TNM-27X2C-67.5 MA3279-280 4266-27CN675 07275MA
    TNM-27X2C-81 MA3279-330 4266-27CN810 07276MA
    TNM-30X2C-30 MA3279-132 4266-30CN300 07302MA
    TNM-30X2C-45 MA3279-182 4266-30CN600 07303MA
    TNM-30X2C-60 MA3279-232 4266-30CN600 07304MA
    TNM-30X2C-75 MA3279-282 4266-30CN750 07305MA
    TNM-30X2C-90 MA3279-332 4266-30CN900 07306MA
    TNM-33X2C-33 MA3279-134 4266-33CN330 07322MA
    TNM-33X2C-49.5 MA3279-184 4266-33CN495 07323MA
    TNM-33X2C-66 MA3279-234 4266-33CN660 07324MA
    TNM-33X2C-82.5 MA3279-284 4266-33CN825 07325MA
    TNM-33X2C-99 MA3279-334 4266-33CN990 07326MA
    TNM-36X2C-36 MA3279-136 4266-36CN360 07362-2MA
    TNM-36X2C-54 MA3279-186 4266-36CN540 07363-2MA
    TNM-36X2C-72 MA3279-236 4266-36CN720 07364-2MA
    TNM-36X2C-90 MA3279-286 4266-36CN900 07365-2MA
    TNM-36X2C-108 MA3279-336 4266-36CN1080 07366-2MA
    TNM-36X3C-36 MA3279-137 4277-36CN360 ---
    TNM-36X3C-54 MA3279-187 4277-36CN540 ---
    TNM-36X3C-72 MA3279-237 4277-36CN720 ---
    TNM-36X3C-90 MA3279-287 4277-36CN900 ---
    TNM-36X3C-108 MA3279-337 4277-36CN1080 ---
    TNM-39X2C-39 MA3279-138 4266-39CN390 08392MA
    TNM-39X2C-58.5 MA3279-188 4266-39CN585 08393MA
    TNM-39X2C-78 MA3279-238 4266-39CN780 08394MA
    TNM-39X2C-97.5 MA3279-288 4266-39CN975 08395MA
    TNM-39X2C-117 MA3279-338 4266-39CN1170 08396MA
    TNM-39X3C-39 MA3279-139 4277-39CN390 ---
    TNM-39X3C-58.5 MA3279-189 4277-39CN585 ---
    TNM-39X3C-78 MA3279-239 4277-39CN780 ---
    TNM-39X3C-97.5 MA3279-289 4277-39CN975 ---
    TNM-39X3C-117 MA3279-339 4277-39CN1170 ---

    Tangless: Locking Bulk

    TanglessMS (Equivalent)Heli-Coil No.
    Locking Inesert No.NA/NAS No.
    Unified Coarse
    2TLC-02C-0086 NAS1130-02L10 MS21209C0210 T3585-02C086
    2TLC-02C-0129 NAS1130-02L15 MS21209C0215 T3585-02C129
    2TLC-02C-0172 NAS1130-02L20 MS21209C0220 T3585-02C172
    2TLC-02C-0215 NAS1130-02L25 MS21209C0225 ---
    2TLC-02C-0258 NAS1130-02L30 MS21209C0230 ---
    2TLC-04C-0112 NAS1130-04L10 MS21209C0410 T3585-04C112
    2TLC-04C-0168 NAS1130-04L15 MS21209C0415 T3585-04C168
    2TLC-04C-0224 NAS1130-04L20 MS21209C0420 T3585-04C224
    2TLC-04C-0280 NAS1130-04L25 MS21209C0425 ---
    2TLC-04C-0336 NAS1130-04L30 MS21209C0430 ---
    2TLC-06C-0138 NAS1130-06L10 MS21209C0610 T3585-06C138
    2TLC-06C-0207 NAS1130-06L15 MS21209C0615 T3585-06C207
    2TLC-06C-0276 NAS1130-06L20 MS21209C0620 T3585-06C276
    2TLC-06C-0345 NAS1130-06L25 MS21209C0625 ---
    2TLC-06C-0414 NAS1130-06L30 MS21209C0630 ---
    2TLC-2C-0164 NAS1130-08L10 MS21209C0810 T3585-2C164
    2TLC-2C-0246 NAS1130-08L15 MS21209C0815 T3585-2C246
    2TLC-2C-0328 NAS1130-08L20 MS21209C0820 T3585-2C328
    2TLC-2C-0410 NAS1130-08L25 MS21209C0825 ---
    2TLC-2C-0492 NAS1130-08L30 MS21209C0830 ---
    2TLC-3C-0190 NAS1130-3CL10 MS21209C1-10 T3585-3C190
    2TLC-3C-0285 NAS1130-3CL15 MS21209C1-15 T3585-3C285
    2TLC-3C-0380 NAS1130-3CL20 MS21209C1-20 T3585-3C380
    2TLC-3C-0475 NAS1130-3CL25 MS21209C1-25 ---
    2TLC-3C-0570 NAS1130-3CL30 MS21209C1-30 ---
    2TLC-4C-0250 NAS1130-4L10 MS21209C4-10 T3585-4C250
    2TLC-4C-0375 NAS1130-4L15 MS21209C4-15 T3585-4C375
    2TLC-4C-0500 NAS1130-4L20 MS21209C4-20 T3585-4C500
    2TLC-4C-0625 NAS1130-4L25 MS21209C4-25 ---
    2TLC-4C-0750 NAS1130-4L30 MS21209C4-30 ---
    2TLC-5C-0312 NAS1130-5CL10 MS21209C5-10 ---
    2TLC-5C-0469 NAS1130-5CL15 MS21209C5-15 ---
    2TLC-5C-0625 NAS1130-5CL20 MS21209C5-20 ---
    2TLC-5C-0781 NAS1130-5CL25 MS21209C5-25 ---
    2TLC-5C-0938 NAS1130-5CL30 MS21209C5-30 ---
    2TLC-6C-0375 NAS1130-6CL10 MS21209C6-10 ---
    2TLC-6C-0562 NAS1130-6CL15 MS21209C6-15 ---
    2TLC-6C-0750 NAS1130-6CL20 MS21209C6-20 ---
    2TLC-6C-0938 NAS1130-6CL25 MS21209C6-25 ---
    --- --- MS21209C6-30 ---
    Unified Fine
    2TLF-3C-0190 NAS1130-3L10 MS21209F1-10 T3591-3C190
    2TLF-3C-0285 NAS1130-3L15 MS21209F1-15 T3591-3C285
    2TLF-3C-0380 NAS1130-3L20 MS21209F1-20 T3591-3C380
    2TLF-3C-0475 NAS1130-3L25 MS21209F1-25 ---
    2TLF-3C-0570 NAS1130-3L30 MS21209F1-30 ---
    2TLF-4C-0250 NAS1130-4FL10 MS21209F4-10 T3591-4C250
    2TLF-4C-0375 NAS1130-4FL15 MS21209F4-15 T3591-4C375
    2TLF-4C-0500 NAS1130-4FL20 MS21209F4-20 T3591-4C500
    2TLF-4C-0625 NAS1130-4FL25 MS21209F4-25 ---
    2TLF-4C-0750 NAS1130-4FL30 MS21209F4-30 ---
    2TLF-5C-0312 NAS1130-5FL10 MS21209F5-10 ---
    2TLF-5C-0469 NAS1130-5FL15 MS21209F5-15 ---
    2TLF-5C-0625 NAS1130-5FL20 MS21209F5-20 ---
    2TLF-5C-0781 NAS1130-5FL25 MS21209F5-25 ---
    2TLF-6C-0375 NAS1130-6FL10 MS21209F6-10 ---
    2TLF-6C-0562 NAS1130-6FL15 MS21209F6-15 ---
    2TLF-6C-0750 NAS1130-6FL20 MS21209F6-20 ---
    --- --- MS21209F6-25 ---
    --- --- MS21209F6-30 ---
    ?2TLM-2.5X.45C-2.5 NA0276M2AL10 MA3329-101 ---
    2TLM-2.5X.45C-3.8 NA0276M2AL15 MA3329-151 ---
    2TLM-2.5X.45C-5 NA0276M2AL20 MA3329-201 ---
    2TLM-2.5X.45C-6.3 NA0276M2AL25 MA3329-251 ---
    2TLM-2.5X.45C-7.5 NA0276M2AL30 MA3329-301 ---
    2TLM-3X.5C-3 NA0276M3L10 MA3329-102 ---
    2TLM-3X.5C-4.5 NA0276M3L15 MA3329-152 ---
    2TLM-3X.5C-6 NA0276M3L20 MA3329-202 ---
    2TLM-3X.5C-7.5 NA0276M3L25 MA3329-252 ---
    2TLM-3X.5C-9.0 NA0276M3L30 MA3329-302 ---
    2TLM-4X.7C-4 NA0276M4L10 MA3339-104 ---
    2TLM-4X.7C-6 NA0276M4L15 MA3329-154 ---
    2TLM-4X.7C-8 NA0276M4L20 MA3329-204 ---
    2TLM-4X.7C-10 NA0276M4L25 MA3329-254 ---
    2TLM-4X.7C-12 NA0276M4L30 MA3329-304 ---
    2TLM-5X.8C-5 NA0276M5L10 MA3329-105 ---
    2TLM-5X.8C-7.5 NA0276M5L15 MA3329-155 ---
    2TLM-5X.8C-10 NA0276M5L20 MA3329-205 ---
    2TLM-5X.8C-12.5 NA0276M5L25 MA3329-255 ---
    2TLM-5X.8C-15 NA0276M5L30 MA3329-305 ---
    2TLM-6X1C-6 NA0276M6L10 MA3329-106 ---
    2TLM-6X1C-9 NA0276M6L15 MA3329-156 ---
    2TLM-6X1C-12 NA0276M6L20 MA3329-206 ---
    2TLM-6X1C-15 NA0276M6L25 MA3329-256 ---
    2TLM-6X1C-18 NA0276M6L30 MA3329-306 ---
    2TLM-8X1.25C-8 NA0276M8L10 MA3329-109 ---
    2TLM-8X1.25C-12 NA0276M8L15 MA3329-159 ---
    2TLM-8X1.25C-16 NA0276M8L20 MA3329-209 ---
    2TLM-8X1.25C-20 NA0276M8L25 MA3329-259 ---
    2TLM-8X1.25C-24 NA0276M8L30 MA3329-260 ---
    2TLM-10X1.5C-10 NA0276M10L10 MA3329-141 ---
    2TLM-10X1.5C-15 NA0276M10L15 MA3329-191 ---
    2TLM-10X1.5C-20 NA0276M10L20 MA3329-241 ---
    2TLM-10X1.5C-25 NA0276M10L25 MA3329-291 ---
    2TLM-12X1.75C-12 NA0276M12L10 MA3329-114 ---
    2TLM-12X1.75C-18 NA0276M12L15 MA3329-164 ---
    2TLM-12X1.75C-24 NA0276M12L20 MA3329-214 ---

    Tangless: Non-Locking Bulk

    TanglessMS (Equivalent)Heli-Coil No.
    Locking Insert No.NA/NAS No.
    Unified Coarse
    2TNC-02C-0086 NAS1130-02-10 MS122095 T1185-02C086
    2TNC-02C-0129 NAS1130-02-15 MS122135 T1185-02C129
    2TNC-02C-0172 NAS1130-02-20 MS122175 T1185-02C172
    2TNC-02C-0215 NAS1130-02-25 MS122215 ---
    2TNC-02C-0258 NAS1130-02-30 MS122255 ---
    2TNC-04C-0112 NAS1130-04-10 MS122076 T1185-04C112
    2TNC-04C-0168 NAS1130-04-15 MS122116 T1185-04C168
    2TNC-04C-0224 NAS1130-04-20 MS122156 T1185-04C224
    2TNC-04C-0280 NAS1130-04-25 MS122196 ---
    2TNC-04C-0336 NAS1130-04-30 MS122236 ---
    2TNC-06C-0138 NAS1130-06-10 MS122078 T1185-06C138
    2TNC-06C-0207 NAS1130-06-15 MS122118 T1185-06C207
    2TNC-06C-0276 NAS1130-06-20 MS122158 T1185-06C276
    2TNC-06C-0345 NAS1130-06-25 MS122198 ---
    2TNC-06C-0414 NAS1130-06-30 MS122238 ---
    2TNC-2C-0164 NAS1130-08-10 MS122079 T1185-2C164
    2TNC-2C-0246 NAS1130-08-15 MS122119 T1185-2C246
    2TNC-2C-0328 NAS1130-08-20 MS122159 T1185-2C328
    2TNC-2C-0410 NAS1130-08-25 MS122199 ---
    2TNC-2C-0492 NAS1130-08-30 MS122239 ---
    2TNC-3C-0190 NAS1130-3C-10 MS122080 T1185-3C190
    2TNC-3C-0285 NAS1130-3C-15 MS122120 T1185-3C285
    2TNC-3C-0380 NAS1130-3C-20 MS122160 T1185-3C380
    2TNC-3C-0475 NAS1130-3C-25 MS122200 ---
    2TNC-3C-0570 NAS1130-3C-30 MS122240 ---
    2TNC-4C-0250 NAS1130-4-10 MS122081 T1185-4C250
    2TNC-4C-0375 NAS1130-4-15 MS122121 T1185-4C375
    2TNC-4C-0500 NAS1130-4-20 MS122161 T1185-4C500
    2TNC-4C-0625 NAS1130-4-25 MS122201 ---
    2TNC-4C-0750 NAS1130-4-30 MS122241 ---
    2TNC-5C-0312 NAS1130-5C-10 MS122082 ---
    2TNC-5C-0469 NAS1130-5C-15 MS122122 ---
    2TNC-5C-0625 NAS1130-5C-20 MS122162 ---
    2TNC-5C-0781 NAS1130-5C-25 MS122202 ---
    2TNC-5C-0938 NAS1130-5C-30 MS122242 ---
    2TNC-6C-0375 NAS1130-6C-10 MS122083 ---
    2TNC-6C-0562 NAS1130-6C-15 MS122123 ---
    2TNC-6C-0750 NAS1130-6C-20 MS122163 ---
    2TNC-6C-0938 NAS1130-6C-25 MS122203 ---
    --- --- MS122243 ---
    Unified Fine
    ?2TNF-3C-0190 NAS1130-3-10 MS124655 T1191-3C190
    2TNF-3C-0285 NAS1130-3-15 MS124695 T1191-3C285
    2TNF-3C-0380 NAS1130-3-20 MS124735 T1191-3C380
    2TNF-3C-0475 NAS1130-3-25 MS124775 ---
    2TNF-3C-0570 NAS1130-3-30 MS124815 ---
    2TNF-4C-0250 NAS1130-4F-10 MS124656 T1191-4C250
    2TNF-4C-0375 NAS1130-4F-15 MS124696 T1191-4C375
    2TNF-4C-0500 NAS1130-4F-20 MS124736 T1191-4C500
    2TNF-4C-0625 NAS1130-4F-25 MS124776 ---
    2TNF-4C-0750 NAS1130-4F-30 MS124816 ---
    2TNF-5C-0312 NAS1130-5F-10 MS124657 ---
    2TNF-5C-0469 NAS1130-5F-15 MS124697 ---
    2TNF-5C-0625 NAS1130-5F-20 MS124737 ---
    2TNF-5C-0781 NAS1130-5F-25 MS124777 ---
    2TNF-6C-0375 NAS1130-6F-10 MS124658 ---
    2TNF-6C-0562 NAS1130-6F-15 MS124698 ---
    2TNF-6C-0750 NAS1130-6F-20 MS124738 ---
    2TNM-2X.4C-2 --- MA3279-140 ---
    2TNM-2X.4C-3 --- MA3279-190 ---
    2TNM-2X.4C-4 --- MA3279-240 ---
    2TNM-2.5X.45C-2.5 NA0276M2A-10 MA3279-101 ---
    2TNM-2.5X.45C-3.8 NA0276M2A-15 MA3279-151 ---
    2TNM-2.5X.45C-5 NA0276M2A-20 MA3279-201 ---
    2TNM-2.5X.45C-6.3 NA0276M2A-25 MA3279-251 ---
    2TNM-2.5X.45C-7.5 NA0276M2A-30 MA3279-301 ---
    2TNM-3X.5C-3 NA0276M3-10 MA3279-102 ---
    2TNM-3X.5C-4.5 NA0276M3-15 MA3279-152 ---
    2TNM-3X.5C-6 NA0276M3-20 MA3279-202 ---
    2TNM-3X.5C-7.5 NA0276M3-25 MA3279-252 ---
    2TNM-3X.5C-9 NA0276M3-30 MA3279-302 ---
    2TNM-4X.7C-4 NA0276M4-10 MA3279-104 ---
    2TNM-4X.7C-6 NA0276M4-15 MA3279-154 ---
    2TNM-4X.7C-8 NA0276M4-20 MA3279-204 ---
    2TNM-4X.7C-10 NA0276M4-25 MA3279-254 ---
    2TNM-4X.7C-12 NA0276M4-30 MA3279-304 ---
    2TNM-5X.8C-5 NA0276M5-10 MA3279-105 ---
    2TNM-5X.8C-7.5 NA0276M5-15 MA3279-155 ---
    2TNM-5X.8C-10 NA0276M5-20 MA3279-205 ---
    2TNM-5X.8C-12.5 NA0276M5-25 MA3279-255 ---
    2TNM-5X.8C-15 NA0276M5-30 MA3279-305 ---
    2TNM-6X1C-6 NA0276M6-10 MA3279-106 ---
    2TNM-6X1C-9 NA0276M6-15 MA3279-156 ---
    2TNM-6X1C-12 NA0276M6-20 MA3279-206 ---
    2TNM-6X1C-15 NA0276M6-25 MA3279-256 ---
    2TNM-6X1C-18 NA0276M6-30 MA3279-306 ---
    2TNM-8X1.25C-8 NA0276M8-10 MA3279-109 ---
    2TNM-8X1.25C-12 NA0276M8-15 MA3279-159 ---
    2TNM-8X1.25C-16 NA0276M8-20 MA3279-209 ---
    2TNM-8X1.25C-20 NA0276M8-25 MA3279-259 ---
    2TNM-8X1.25C-24 NA0276M8-30 MA3279-309 ---
    2TNM-10X1.5C-10 NA0276M10-10 MA3279-111 ---
    2TNM-10X1.5C-15 NA0276M10-15 MA3279-161 ---
    2TNM-10X1.5C-20 NA0276M10-20 MA3279-211 ---
    2TNM-10X1.5C-25 NA0276M10-25 MA3279-261 ---
    2TNM-12X1.75C-12 NA0276M12-10 MA3279-114 ---
    2TNM-12X1.75C-18 NA0276M12-15 MA3279-164 ---
    2TNM-12X1.75C-24 NA0276M12-20 MA3279-214 ---

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